Absolute precision and care are given to each and every pen to ensure superior quality, originality and craftsmanship. Built to last forever, these exclusive works of art are machined and meticulously hand-sculpted from solid materials like Pure Titanium, Fossil Ivory, Meteorite, Stainless Steel Damascus, Mokumé-gané and Coral, combined with Precious Stones and Precious Metals like Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. Each piece tells its own unique, intrinsic story.


Titanium’s incredible strength, durability, relative lightness, and resistance to corrosion make it the ultimate core material for a luxury writing instrument. Its sleek, elegant and lustrous appearance can be transformed in many ways by applying extreme heat or electricity to form an oxide, resulting in a wide array of colour on its surface. Unlike other metals like gold, platinum and silver, titanium is a challenging and labour-intensive metal to work with – but for the fervent craftsman it holds rewarding and endless possibilities.